Who Dat Wednesday: Atlas Selasi x My Own Modern Art


Boom just like that we’re at the 2nd Who Dat Wednesday of the year. Today’s artist is Atlas Selasi from Newark, NJ. With Who Dat Wednesdays this year I’ve decided to take a more personal approach and talk to the artist directly. Since I am in Columbia, SC and he is in Newark, NJ I asked if he would like to do a FaceTime interview with me. He politely obliged. Mind you I get kinda nervous over video and airwaves. Fortunately we got through it very well.

1. Where is your music based?

I’m based in Newark, NJ. I’ve also done shows in Queens, Manhattan, and my most recent show was on January 3rd in Philadelphia. Philadelphia has been my favorite show so far because the energy was craaaaazy. 

2. How long has music been a part of your life? 

My earliest memories of music are from my mother playing Anita Baker, Nina Symone, and Nas. I started rapping in 6th grade and was in choir during 7th and 8th grade.

*Here we got off on a tangent about his love for Amy Winehouse. I love hearing people light up about inspirations and things that get them going. He had a glow about him as he described what Amy did for him personally and musically.*

Right now I’m a part of a group called Lowkey Life. I’ve been making music with them for two years. One of my group members, Ivory Leone, helped my music reach another level by molding me into a better recording artist.

3. How old are you?


4. Who/what inspires you?

Will Smith is actually my favorite artist of all time. *I love this* The genres that inspire me are Electronic R&B, Neo Soul, and Jazz.

5. Give me a glimpse into your creative process.

My ideas come sporadically so there’s no set process. I like to drink sometimes. One time I drank a whole bottle of Bacardi Gold before afternoon hit while listening to Rehab by Amy Winehouse. The urge to create spilled out of me and I just started writing down my thoughts.

6. Is there a project that you’re most proud of?

My Own Modern Art. It’s incomplete right now and the release date is March 18th, 2016.

My Own Modern Art sounds like the ocean. It sounds like the calm and the storm of ocean waters. I loved listening to it and I’m ready to hear the final product. Atlas has perfected flowing over a beat. Not only flowing but flowing and having something worthwhile to say. naCHərəl and The Winterlude are my personal favorites. His clever bars are showcased on those songs. This project has a skit that opened up my soul. I’m excited for the final project. Head on over to Soundcloud to hear his awesome project in the making.

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