Friday Five: 5 Songs That Could Be Your Theme Song

Hay @thefridayfivemusic! Still loving the prompts!! These are songs that could be my theme song on Friday, January 22, 2016. Completely subject to change next year this time, hell maybe even next week.

Feeling Myself x Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce-This is honestly self explanatory. This song is perfect for when I feel hella fancy or even when I’m a bum. I might not have a black matted Maybach, an On The Run tour, or a Bulls leotard but I be feelin’ myself regularly.

You See Me x Childish Gambino-This song is the epitome of my swag. This would be the song I would have played every time I walked in a room. The beat is simple and brash, Gambino’s lyrics are clever nerd chic, and I know all the words to the last verse. EVERY SINGLE WORD.

When Can We x Kyle-Kyle is shaping up to be a hardcore favorite of mine (if you couldn’t tell by my King Wavy Tour write up). The song feels like high school, a time much more carefree and blissful. It’s a cutesy song that instantly puts me in a good mood. I’d like to think my aura sounds like this song (shoutout to Sax for telling me about my aura this week).

Shameless x The Weeknd-If you know me you should definitely know I’m a huge Baebel fan. This is the theme song for my heart. When I first heard this song it weighed me down because I could identify with its content so well. I can relate because I’ve been the lover and the lovee in this situation. 

Cheers to the Fall x Andra Day-Bringing it full circle is Madame Andra Day. I wrote about this song a week and a half ago (click here) and the love for it still stands. I feel like this song can lift me up from the darkest of funks. It’s perfect for remembering how strong you can be and knowing that mistakes are commonplace while on this journey of life.

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