Friday Five: Five Songs From One Artist

Hay @thefridayfivemusic! So of course you expect me to do 5 songs from Nicki Minaj, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, or any of my other faves. NEGATIVE. I’m doing 5 songs from an artist I’ve never talked about on the blog.


(Image: Google Images)

I started listening to her last summer when I heard a song on a Spotify playlist. After doing a little research on her I found out she has no formal vocal training and was inspired to experiment with songwriting. Of course I’m down for a woman who’s trying something new and loving it!! Without further ado, 5 Songs From Kelela.

Bankhead-The song that put me on

Gomenasai-The song that is titled one of my favorite words

Rewind-The song that explains my crush phases

All The Way Down-The sexy song

Enemy-The fuck you song

Check her out on my Spotify playlist!! Give it some thought and tell me your five!!

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