Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight x Travis Scott by Tati Chin

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A track-by-track review by a recent Travis Scott convert.

When I first heard Antidote I had serious doubts about Travis Scott. My first concern was “why the hell does dude sound exactly like Kanye?” My second was his grungy sound, that I’ve now come around to liking. Without talking too much about what initially bothered me about Travis Scott, I want to get into the actual review...because this album is tough and chock-full of jams. Let me take you through my experience, track-by-track.

  1. The Ends - First off, this shit ends with a 3000 feature so you knew it was going to be fire. Actually, that’s all I have to say about that.
  2. Way Back - This song reminds me so much of Drake, who right now I’m feeling distant from so let’s not talk about him. “I can’t get no rest” is such a Drake line; that me against the world and all my friends are fake friends feeling definitely implies you’ve made it in rap. “Never seen the city unless you land at Hobby” as I sit at the terminal flying out of George Bush airport, sigh. As soon as I start head bobbing to the Drake-y vibes the track changes to some MBDTF sounds and I’m thinking there’s no way Kanye didn’t have something to do with this. I’m hooked. This album is...good?
  3. Coordinate - This song had to be made for the strip club or at least inspired by it. The beat is made for twerking and the rhyme-scheme and inflection remind me of Future. I guess this Travis Scott kid isn’t so bad. And his ad libs? Untouchable. I live for a good collection of ad libs.
  4. Through The Late Night - When this track, well Cudi’s humming, first graced my ears I was like “this sounds like a thing I’ve heard” and then I realized it’s a sample of Cudi FEATURING Cudi. Talk about that. When Travis sings “day and night” I get those chills up my arms and neck. “Stroke my cactus”? Legend. Iconic. *Updated: I saw them perform this song live together and I’ll never be the same. Eva.
  5. Biebs In The Trap - I had to do a little Googling on Nav after I heard this track because I really enjoyed his inflection. No lie, the buzzwords “white girl” and anything coke-related kind of turn me off, but I feel like this is a song someone my little brother’s age would enjoy. Also, great far I’ve noticed where the songs come short in lyricism they’re usually made up for in beautiful, digital/creepy sounding tracks.
  6. SDP Interlude - It took me about 6 wonderful listens to realize why the title of this song was SDP Interlude, but after Cassie’s dreamy chorus hit me a few times I got it (Smoke. Drink. Pop.) I haven’t heard her in a minute - I thought Diddy forbade her from opening her mouth so this was really nice. Also, applause to Travis for not using the rap-singer every rapper likes to feature (cough cough Jhene Aiko). We needed that variety. It’s funny how the interludes are never long enough…
  7. Sweet Sweet - Now I know this dude did not say sapwase. He did. Turns out Travis Scott is Haitian (his really name is Jacques Webster so I understand now). I loved this song. It’s such an I-love-you-but-you-a-party-girl track. By this point I’m so impressed by the album I just put my head towards the sky with eyes closed smiling. I’m enjoying it.
  8. Outside - This is a 21st century negro anthem. This is what made me gain like 33% more respects for Travis. He’s actually hard. And 21? Terrifying? I love it.
  9. Goosebumps - I get these goose bumps every time I hear this song tho. Another sexy track that I am so here for. And a k. feature is the icing on the Travis cake.
  10. First Take - It ain’t an album without a break up song about sorely missing each other. Before I heard Tiller on the track I said to myself “Tiller is missing from this track”. His feature will have you missing your college boo, don’t lie. Also, the references to other tracks like Pick Up The Phone is something I’m really enjoying about TS’s music.
  11. Pick Up The Phone - The single track that made me even want to listen to this album and still doesn't get old to me. Booty call track, complete with ad libs, upbeat tempo, and ATL rappers Quavo and Thugger.*It’s lit!*
  12. Lose - We keep getting blessed with more Cassie. Good for her. By the time we’ve reached this track I realize how versatile dawg really is and I’m sold. Now I’m ready for more.
  13. Guidance - As a Jamaican, I’m well-aware how island culture has become more popular in recent months. As dancehall as this song sounds, I feel it’s forced and only playing on a recent “trend”. The gag is, music like this has been around for years and will be around long after American rap is done with it. I don’t care for it. Meh. Moving on.
  14. Wonderful - Now y’all KNOW this song is made for night cruises to Taco Bell. God bless The Weeknd. And now we’ve sadly reached the end. :(

 This album really took me there. Thank you, Travis.

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