Who Dat Wednesday: Zephyr

If you're privy to the Columbia Twittersphere then this name should be very familiar. 22 year old Zephyr from Columbia, SC has a lot to say. His tweets regularly question the status of music and support from his peers. I sat down with the man behind the big voice to learn more.

C: I ask everyone this typical ice breaker. How long have you been making music? 

Zephyr: I started seriously involving myself in music in 2013. I was inspired by guys who mentored me: Rashaad Folks and Keith Henderson. I looked up to them back in the day. They gave me the push I needed to create my own sound.

C: What is Zephyr's style? 

Zephyr: I have a realist take on hip-hop. The themes in my music are straight forward, raw, unedited. Truthfully, I don't really like rapping that much. I'm interested in the behind the scenes work.

C: What artists inspire you?

Zephyr: Local or mainstream?

C: Both.

Zephyr: [Locally, in no particular order] Benny Starr, 803 the Clique, The Voydd, 187, TVE [Mainstream] Lil B, Audio Push (HS87), The Game, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica

C: Lil B? Explain.

Zephyr: He was the first rapper to embrace himself. Plain and simple.

C: Ah very true. Self-love is one of BINACT's core values. Where you do you see yourself in a year? 5 years?

Zephyr: In a year I want to put out another project. It's going to be completely different from my debut EP. I want to explore more in the realms of production and engineering. In five year I want to be on. I only plan on rapping until I'm 25. By then my independent label will be up and running.

My goal is to focus on the artists and push them to their highest potential. All you have to do is listen.

C: WOW. I feel that 1000%. Thanks for getting up with me!

Check out Zephyr's debut EP Poor Nigga here.





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