My Bae Monday: Andra Day x Cheers to the Fall


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I’ve been wildin’ over Andra Bae since either September or October. I’ve been a top member of her fan club for some months now. Seeing her on the Macy’s Day Parade and in her holiday commercial made my heart melt. I follow her on Twitter and Facebook with occasional spam on my timelines when she posts pictures. My good friend Spotify once again turned me on to her with her single Forever Mine. If you’ve heard this song it feels like home and harmony. It’s a soulfully upbeat song that documents the ups and downs of love until you’re just within the grasp of the one you that is yours forever. It’s also the song that kicks off this album and all of its swanky goodness.


Treading and too tired to move. Drowning in the lake then you throw your line and reel me back in again

To and fro, back and forth, in and out, hot and cold…..the ping pong game Andra played with the one she loved isn’t not fun. She pleads for discernment and help to not fall into her usual routine of inviting love back into her heart. There’s a breakdown in the middle of the song where the pure jazz is heard and felt. That’s my favorite part.


Once we were two dancing souls now all there’s left is skull and bones

Andra begins crooning in her lower register about a strong love she had to leave behind. Her voice ebbs and flows in the riverbanks of her verses and hooks. Once she reaches the height of the chorus she’s holding key notes and reaching higher tunes with little to no effort.

Cheers to the Fall

I can make the hand I’m dealt work if I decide to never fold

The final song of this gripping piece of work. It’s so inspiring. After all of the hardships she’s endured with the back and forth swaying of her emotions, Andra has accepted that the best advice she can give herself is to be proud of her fall. Can’t we all relate? Cheers to falling down, dusting yourself off and getting back up again. Hurt does not last forever and after everything you always have yourself.

Honorable mentions: Rise Up and Winter Wonderland (you’ve HAD to have heard these by now)

If this isn’t enough to convince you to go listen to and purchase Cheers to the Fall then I don’t know what else I can do. 


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