As we transition into a new season we are blessed with new beginnings, new opportunities, and of course new music. Since BINACT’s inception, I’ve been urging anyone who reads to listen to music, try new artists, support  and celebrate all types of sounds. Before we go any further into the year I want to bring something to your attention.


Accountability is an important word regarding the creative process and successful works of art. I’ve noticed how important accountability is especially in the music industry. There are two sides to the accountability coin: artist/entertainer and consumer/fan.

Artist Accountability

An artist’s main responsibility is first and foremost to his/her art. Their focus is to create works of arts that they enjoy and are comfortable with after completion. That’s it. Artists are not obligated to please anyone other than themselves. In saying that, a lot of today’s music artists have lost sight of artistry. They are celebrities, personalities, performers, and all around entertainers. Once the transition from artist to entertainer is made, the sole purpose of the music is to please the consuming masses. Which leads me to my next point….

Consumer Accountability

The consumer’s responsibility is to purchase goods and services that are useful and pleasing to them. These things can range from necessities like food and shelter to more frivolous things like knicks knacks and bad coffee. Entertainment lies somewhere in between the two extremes. Fans are personal entertainer consumers. Their responsibility lies in supporting entertainers.  The key point here is that entertainment, like a good or service, is not free. To have the music you want to hear it costs money. Point blank period.

Why is this important?

The two points of accountability intersect at MONEY. Money makes the world go round. Cash rules everything around me. Money is important. Entertainers are competing for consumer dollars. Consumers are trying to find the perfect balance of getting everything they want and need while spending the least amount of money. Because of this intersection the music business is suffering. Music is losing its authenticity, entertainers are losing out on money, consumer demands and expectations are ridiculously high. Labels are still making money of course but that’s a different conversation.

How can we fix it?

To bring this full circle, accountability is important in the music industry. Entertainers should be a little more concerned about the content they create. They should find the happy medium between artist and entertainer that allows them to love their craft and their fans an equal amount. This issue isn’t one sided. Consumers are a part of this conflict as well. Fans need to push entertainers to take pride in their work. They need to put their money where their mouths are. Support is more than retweets and word of mouth. It’s putting the dollar in the hands of those creating the content the fans want to hear.

Artists: we want quality music.

Consumers: support quality music

It’s really that simple.

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