Friday Five: 5 Indie Artists on Spotify

If you didn't know I'm a Spotify junkie. I've been a member of the streaming service since 2012. I remember when I could only listen on my computer and the introduction offline listening. Streaming has its pros and cons but all in all I think it's a convenient and viable option for music consumers and creators alike. 

This week's post highlights my favorite indie artists who made the big leap to Spotify. 

1. CarpoolpartyMy Charleston friends put me on to this fun duo that resides in Greenville, SC. They created their own genre called Vapordance, a blend of vaporwave, funk, electronica, and hip-hop. Listening to their album makes me feel bubbly inside.

2. P.A.T. Junior- This Raleigh, NC artist grabbed my attention when he chose Benny Starr for a verse on his debut album, Smoke Signals. His performance at Hopscotch this year made a huge impression on me and I can't wait until I see him again.

3. $pidey- Irmo, SC's Lost Boy put some of his most popular tracks on Spotify recently and I'm taking full advantage. Let one of The Voydd's soldiers do some damage to your playlist.

4. Kelechief- I discovered this guy by way of Phay. I'm learning more about him with each release from his upcoming project, Quarter Life Crisis. Looking forward to hearing the final product. "You Got Me" speaks to my spirit.

5. Happy Hour- I've been playing their EP nonstop for two straight months. This swancore band came out swinging with their debut. With references to Gameboy Colors and beer, you're likely to find at least one song to enjoy on What's Your Poison.

Heard something you like? Want to add someone to my list? Go ahead and let me know on social media or leave a comment below!



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