Who Dat Wednesday: V Renee - Sad Faze

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! Today I am thankful for two days off, a successful event, and all of my featured artists.

It frustrates me that BINACT has little female representation. I know there have to be more women in music around me! However, I'm so happy to have met V Renee, one of 803 The Clique's newest members. I met V a few months ago when she attended the BBTB: Showcase. At that time I had no idea she was planning to make her break into music. Fast forward a few months later and she's dropping full blown EPs and performing. I'll let her tell you more about herself and her transition. 


Q: You came on the scene with a bang. Who is V Renee and what is she bringing to the music scene?

V Renee: I'm V Renee and I'm an R&B singer. I grew up on a lot of R&B music from Indie Arie to Lalah Hathaway so my goal is to fill the void in the genre. I want to bring back the element of raw emotion in the music.

Q: I know that's right! Elaborate on your thoughts about the current state of R&B.

V: Honestly, a lot of songs feel forced and empty. R&B is not just singing about love. It's about using the genre's principles to utilize vocals and apply authenticity to songs. The scene frustrates me because there are singles and projects labeled R&B but they don't fit into the category. 

Q: A thought provoking response. How did your feelings about R&B help push you to pursue your music career?

V: Well I started singing in church like most young, black children. At first I was nervous about transitioning to R&B. I was concerned about what other would think and say. At the same time I was hiding behind a lot of insecurities I built up in my head. After dispelling the negative thoughts I made the choice to share my intimate thoughts with those who will listen.

Q: How did you apply core principles of R&B in Sad Faze? 

V: I took bits and pieces from my own experiences and translated them into something my listeners could relate to. Everybody has a story about a lost love or broken heart. I wanted people to address the rough parts of heartbreak. 

Sad Faze EP debuted on Halloween. Each of the five tracks prod the listener to look back on the stressful times of dating while young and naive. Her nuanced approach to this topic is downright somber. It accurately depicts the phase that most, if not all young people experience when testing love's waters. It's the same old story: fall in like, fall in lust, but never fall in love. Sad Faze chronicles the all too familiar cycle with no solution other than to sit in sadness. Kiss N Tell is my personal favorite. It opens the project on a strong note and dictates the tone of the rest of the project.

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