Who Dat Wednesday: 803 The Clique - JDanzo & Emperor Timeline

Since January I've been obsessed with a local rap group called 803 the Clique. My introduction to them was through my friend Asiah and the show she invited me to in Charleston. Click here to revisit that post. Today's WDW is about a Clique member who I didn't get a chance to talk to and one who's opened up to me a little more in the 6 months that I've known him.

1. How long have you been making music?

J-Danzo: Since the 7th grade. I've been seriously making music for 7 years.

Emperor Timeline: I started taking my music seriously in 2012.

2. Where are you both from?

J & E: Columbia, SC (fun fact they're brothers)

3. What's your idea of "making it?"

J: When you can go to YouTube and type in, "J-Danzo type beat"

E: Everyone is interested in working with you. Being able to be truly selective in who you work with.

4. Are you a lyricist or a rapper? Artist or entertainer?

J: I started out as a lyricist but now I consider myself a rapper. Rappers have the entire package: skills, delivery, music knowledge, etc. That makes me an entertainer as opposed to an artist as well. However I have artist tendencies. Like being a perfectionist.

E: I don't fall into any category. If I chose one I would be obligated to please people. Whatever I feel is whatever comes out. Titles are limiting and I don't like limits.

The reason I brought the Clique back for a 2nd time is due to a song I saw them perform live:

Their performance energy was so explosive. They were edgy, fun, and easy to watch. Once I heard the first few lines I knew I'd play this song out. Forget The City is a track from J-Danzo's debut mixtape released last March called DyZtopia. It was received very well by the public and after listening I understand why. Forget the City isn't even a stand out track because it goes just as hard as the other songs on the tape.

Be on the lookout for projects from them both. It's always a pleasure catching up with 803 the Clique.


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