My Bae Monday: Jamila Woods - HEAVN

Twitter: @duhmilo

Twitter: @duhmilo

I had absolutely NO idea how much I needed this project. A musical pick me up was necessary to snap me back into place. I remember people talking about Jamila last year because of her vocals on Chance's Sunday Candy. My friend Asiah told me to check out her current project and here I am.

HEAVN is a breath of fresh air. HEAVN is solace. HEAVN is comfort. HEAVN is inspiration.

HEAVN almost leaves me speechless as it takes me on a journey through self love and nurturing. I love each and every song on this project. So much that I can't even pick a few favorites to discuss. I can listen to this project over and over again. Each time it puts me in a wonderful mood that makes me want to hug myself. It's so refreshing hearing her sing confidently about loving herself and spreading joy to those around her. It brings a burst of powerful vibes in the least expected way. 

I'm pushing this project so hard. Please go listen to it. Let me know how it makes you feel! 

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