BINACT Day 2017

Me at  Papa Jazz , my favorite spot to pick up music. Photo by  Chief Mellow

Me at Papa Jazz, my favorite spot to pick up music. Photo by Chief Mellow

Truthfully I have nothing jazzy prepared for today. I told myself that I wouldn't write anything new until after BBTB however, I can't let May 1st come and go without telling my readers thank you. Thanks for believing in me since 2015. Thanks for boosting my confidence in writing. Thanks for the outpouring of love and support for the past two years.

BINACT has already opened up so many doors for me. At the beginning of the year I landed my first PAID writing gig with and have already conducted some great interviews with popular artists! I held the first installment of my event series, BINACT Brings The Beats (#BBTB) at the end of January. I've made a name for myself that allows artists in Columbia and surrounding cities come to me for advice on projects and help with live shows. The first show put together and planned under the BINACT name for an independent artist is coming up on May 6th, 803 The Clique's Night of Frequency

The second (and biggest) installment of BBTB is going down the next Saturday, May 13th. The showcase installment is showing love to DJs, our favorite music providers. Four DJs from Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, and Atlanta will be spinning tunes from EDM to R&B to local artist jams showing off their talent and musical prowess. Grab your tickets now and help me celebrate BINACT's 2nd anniversary!

I really cannot thank you enough. Yes, you reading this. I hope to see you in the next few weeks at one of the awesome shows independent Columbia artists have planned for us (check out the giveaway for a chance to win free tickets). I love y'all. Ready for BINACT, year 3.

**No Papa Jazz doesn't pay me but maybe they will if you tell them how cute my picture is!

Friday Five: BBTB Playlist

Who Dat Wednesday: Phay - Mama

Who Dat Wednesday: Phay - Mama