Mike McFly - Jett Jackson

Y'all remember when Mike McFly told us last year that late summer was his? Well it's finally August 2017 and we have a single!!


Mr. McFly recruited some big names to make this single a smash: Lord Fubu on the beat, Nathan Original on the mix, and Montague Boyz on the cover. Even though the masses (including myself) were a little impatient, I know we can all appreciate Mike taking his time with this one. He never disappoints with the lyrics. I expect nothing but expertly penned lines when I press play on a Mike McFly track. However, Jett Jackson feels different. Mike is in his stride with this single and he wants you to know it. 

"If you know like me you should count your blessings/They gon play this at my wake like he was a legend"

Mike intentionally uses Lord Fubu's intricate production style to his advantage; speeding and slowing his flows at the perfect moments to create the best experience for his listeners. Nathan Original outdid himself with this crisp, clear mix. The cover art from Montague Boyz adds an interesting visual to the finely crafted single.

Jett Jackson is available on all major streaming services! Click here to stream on your platform of choice! 

Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook if you enjoyed the single as much as I did!

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