SunRhé - 8.) Something Like Lavender

A Lover’s Safe Haven

That sensation of comfort you get from submerging yourself into a warm bubble bath full of your favorite essential oils, salt scrubs, and the promise of soaking away the tension your responsibilities provided you throughout the week, is the feeling newly released single “8.) Something Like Lavender” gives listeners. In true, unpredictable fashion, Columbia-based, singer-songwriter SunRhé released an invigorating, love anthem on her day of birth: February 12, 2019. This  stroke of creativity (along with a recently released acoustic interpretation of Aaliyah’s - I Care 4 U with PhadeiiBlack members, Vahnii & MoThePharaoh) helped to kick off the ongoing rollout for her first project titled, Lavender EP.

As listeners experience the song, they will hear SunRhé serenade her lover as she praises the lover’s masterful ways of evoking emotion within herself. Strong desires to indulge into what almost sounds like forbidden territory are expressed vividly line by line. Haven’t we all been in such a deep place of longing and appreciation for someone’s existence, we couldn’t help but question our own actions? She sings, “Am I a danger to you? I got it major for you, a force of nature, Boo. If you’d like then we can make it two,” showing sincere apprehension, but bravery great enough to commit to ideas of an everlasting connection. SunRhé offers well-rounded melodies and natural harmonies that are rich and silky. “8.) Something Like Lavender” joins the list of romantic jams that SunRhé rejuvenated the world with since 2017. Other favorites include “Closer ft. Emperor Timeline” (prod. by Yang.), “Trance (prod. by Yang.)”, and “Mercy (produced by Yang. and scored by Emperor Timeline). In a generation where vulnerability can be such a daunting topic to discuss it’s refreshing to be reminded that there are still those who believe in the healing power of love and transparency with their partners.

This record quickly became sonic-therapy for loyal and new listeners alike, garnering over 1,000 streams within the first few days of being dropped. The quick upward trajectory further proves how thrilled her listeners were to satisfy their palates even after over a year of time spent away from recording new tunes. It was only a matter of time before SunRhé’s light shined down and illuminated the world once again.

With every SunRhé release, she consistently imprints on the SC music scene. She’s been able to position herself appropriately by remaining relatively quiet online but broadening her audience reach through numerous live performances. There’s much to be said about a person who can positively connect with so many lives constantly while keeping such a low-profile in this era of accessibility. With so much of the music industry being watered down I’m sure many are hopeful for SunRhé’s well-deserved ascension. R&B is making a powerful reappearance. All hail!

Lavender EP will be released soon. Be on the lookout.

Follow SunRhé and get addicted to her vibe today @SunRhe on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, and IG.

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