Nepotism - Growing Pains

The highly anticipated single from Columbia, SC’s unconventional boy band is here and it sounds amazing.

Lead vocalist, Rob Kershaw, comes with his usual fire and edge however, something is different this time around. He’s extra confident and 105% sure of himself. Alex Skiro kills the dramatic chords and big riffs on his electric guitar like a bonafide pro. Deshawn Younger’s drum rhythms are even more energetic through headphones than seeing him thrash in person.

Nepotism has experienced a few ups and downs in the past year but thank goodness they made it past their growing pains. I’m so glad we can all experience this powerful, proud, and unapologetic sound.

Stream it everywhere. Purchase it on Bandcamp. Get into the new era of Nepotism. Leave a rockstar emoji in the comments and/or on social media if you’re feeling it.

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