Jam Young - Trail Off (ft. Cole Connor & H3RO)

Trail Off Cover Art.JPG

Today I’m going to do something a little different. I don’t have a formal write up for this song but I still wanted to put something out about it. In lieu of the usual write up, I’m going to hit you with a stream of consciousness type overview of this new release from Jam Young out of Queens, NY.

First things first, I met Jam Young almost an entire year ago when he opened up for Ras Kass at his stop in Columbia, SC. His on stage energy is undeniable and that presence is translated in all of his songs.

“Trail Off” came at a perfect time for me personally. Coming off the anniversary of my 4th year, I’m discouraged about being creative but I’m making strides to keep going. Jam, Cole, and H3RO echo a similar sentiment in their verses. We’re all curious to know what it will take for the work to finally pay off. Song content is a huge component of this song but DJ Ray Blk made great choice with a slower, simpler melody for this track. He deserves props for his perfect ear.

I asked for some words from regular contributors, Adrian and OG. Here’s what they had to say:


  • High energy delivery over a mid-tempo beat

  • Relatable lyrics for anyone trying to make it by following their own path

  • "Grind Music" comes to mind as a brief description

  • I like that the chorus doesn't repeat after the 3rd verse and the song actually "trails off" Also, the melody "trails off" during the b-chorus

  • Good production helps tell the story of the song as much as the lyrics


Overall I liked the song. The content of the song is definitely there. If I was arranging an album I would most likely put it as the last song to close out the project just because of the message and how the third artist ended his verse.

If you needed a sign to keep pushing, this is it.

Stream and purchase “Trail Off” on all platforms!

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