Who Dat Wednesday: Xaidotdot - All You Can Eat

BINACT is starting to cross state lines again in the third quarter of the year. This time North Carolina is getting some shine. Charlotte to be exact. I've spent many days, nights, and weekends in the Queen City so I'm glad BINACT is starting to take root there. Today's feature Who Dat Wednesday artist has very supportive comrades. This project was recommended to me by two different mutual friends. Without further ado, Xaidotdot's re-introduction to music, All You Can Eat.

Q: Glad I could catch you on your day off! Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Xai: Hello BINACT fans! My name is Xai and I currently reside in Charlotte. I'm a transplant that's originally from Connecticut. I'd like to say I have a northern state of mind and a southern livelihood. I've been seriously pursuing music for the past 5 years. Even though music wasn't a supported career choice, it has always been a part of my upbringing. 

Q: What are you listening to right now?

Xai: Right now it's a toss up between Pretty Girls Like Trap Music by 2 Chainz and Ctrl by SZA.

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Q: Those are two of my favorites right now too! Now let's talk about your music. When you were in the process of writing All You Can Eat, what did you intend for your listeners to feel when they received the final product?

Xai: Like I said previously my family didn't support music as a career. Initially I wanted to attend Johnson & Wales to become a chef. When that didn't happen I returned to music to prove to myself that I was capable of creating. After songs from my "ghost project" trickled out I buckled down and made music my main focus. It took me three years to write all the songs on the project. All You Can Eat became the first chapter of my manifesto. I hope anyone that gives it a play enjoys listening just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Q: I love that. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it from start to finish. What's your favorite track from this project?

Xai: In no particular order: All Love, Diff'rent, and Get Up. All Love was written on New Year's Day 2016 about who I thought I was at the time. Diff'rent is an introduction to my brand of hip-hop. Get Up commands you to acknowledge my reaffirmed presence to the music game.

BINACT Brief: Xaidotdot's carefully crafted All You Can Eat is a great listen. His valuable brand of hip-hop is easily digestible. If you're thinking about adding something new to your rotation, check this out. Then tell me how you liked it!

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