Who Dat Wednesday: Yours x Tange Lomax

I put the city on the map I should get an advance up in this bitch….

This is one of those days that I almost didn’t write a review. But I surfed my SoundCloud likes today and forgot about a song I heard on The Hive CLT podcast (Twitter: @TheHiveCLT). Since I didn’t do all of my research this week, I don’t have a lot of background knowledge about Ms. Tange Lomax. I’m only capable of of giving you tidbits of info and breaking down the song. But that’s the point right?

I heard “Yours” on the very first airing of The Hive CLT’s podcast. The almost tangible grit of the song reeled me in immediately. The initial vibe of the song is old school R&B. The beginning chorus reminded me of SWV and all the throwbacks that made me think I could sing. She easily transitions into a smooth flow. I was surprised to hear her rap on a track that I thought was strictly R&B. I kicked myself for that. It was exciting to hear something new with a female rapper. Because of the mix of R&B and hip-hop feels, the song touched many parts of me. The tone is simple: I want to be yours. It’s effortless and easy to listen to. Songs like this make waves within your entire being. Tange doesn’t try to fit or blend in with anything that is common with music today. She seems to encompass her own space. 

Tange Lomax’s “Yours” is featured on her 16 track album, Free Spirit. Like I said I didn’t expect to write a post today so I didn’t want to only give the album one listen and write about it. I do recommend you to check it out. She worked so hard on this album. I support anyone making their own mark in music, especially young women. I’m so glad I got the chance to hear Tange that day. Find Tange Lomax making music and spreading it all over North Carolina. Check her out on SoundCloud!

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