Who Dat Wednesday: Logic - Under Pressure

Making a single before your album is like putting together a trailer for a movie you have yet to shoot.


“He isn’t indie.” 

“This album sounds like everyone’s album.”

“Is he white?”

“This shit whack.”

All comments I expected when I chose him as my Who Dat Wednesday feature. No he isn’t an indie artist but he is someone you need to be aware of. He flew under my radar somehow. Luckily I found out about him after hearing a song on a Pandora station. Hip-hop heads are probably familiar with him and his debut album but the rest of the masses are not.

Let’s get into Logic’s Under Pressure. The album follows a few critically acclaimed mixtapes (that I knew nothing of and have yet to listen to). He released this album after being on XXL’s Freshman List, signed to Def Jam, collaborated with producer, No I.D., blah blah blah. He’s good on paper. But just how good is he? If you want a bio visit http://mindoflogic.com/about cause I’m not giving you one today. This is going to be all about the album. 

The intro titled “Intro” brings a positive vibe to the album. I love intros titled “Intro” especially when they come with a good message. Keep ya head up, reach your goals, you’re gonna make it through vibes. Immediately I’m hooked because I wasn’t expecting the intro to be done so tastefully. Then the album’s vibe completely changes with “Soul Food”. The harsh and gritty reality sets in. Life is tough and making it in any regard is a struggle. Line by line, Logic reminds his listener of this fact giving a little of his life’s backstory along the way. The next two songs allow for a deeper understanding of his home life as a child. “Buried Alive” (and no this isn’t Kendrick’s interlude from Take Care) is one of my favorite songs off the album. Logic bares his soul about how easy it is to get overwhelmed with the world’s tests; a feeling that most of us know all too well. A few tracks later we get to the title song “Under Pressure” and I think this is the best song on the album. There are some special gems located in the heart of this song so I won’t go into too much detail. “Till The End” gets honorable mention because that’s how I was introduced to him. The Deluxe version of this album (found on Spotify) has two special features from the love of my life, Childish Gambino and Big Sean.

To answer all questions above. Yes he is signed to Def Jam. No Logic is not white, he’s mixed (not that it matters what color he is). No this album isn’t whack. No he didn’t bite from everyone in the rap game. Now he did borrow a couple producers that have worked with big names like A$AP Rocky, Common, and Big Sean but who doesn’t? Does he sound like Kendrick Lamar sometimes? Yes. But I believe that’s the cutest form of flattery. This album is has many, if not all, elements of good old-fashioned hip-hop with a new school flare. So hop off and stop being so critical and give music a chance. 

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