Who Dat Wednesday: Televisions x Nepotism

Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop band hailing from Columbia, SC, Nepotism is a force to be reckoned with. 

I met the singer, Rob, at an open mic held on my Alma Mater’s campus. One thing led to another and we exchanged business cards and info. Lately I’ve been struggling with my Indie content which is why you haven’t seen many Who Dat Wednesdays. Also my writing vibes have been a little off lately. Apologies. I was shuffling through my business cards in my room and remembered, “I need to write about this band.” So here we are.

As our generation gets exponentially more fed up with our government, society, status quos, etc. we’ve started to take matters into our own hands. Rebellion, change, and evolution are words that are commonplace with us nowadays. Generation Y and Millennials are sick of regular 9-5s and standard business practices. We are creating our own businesses, movements, and places to be expressive and free.

What does this have to do with Televisions

Televisions is an anthem. The song is telling you to push the fucking envelope. The squeal of the guitar riffs, the drums, the heaviness in the singer’s voice…all are reminding you that the revolution will not be televised. Get out of that comfort zone. Stop sitting back and letting the revolution happen before your eyes.

We turn off them tvs and I’d rather watch you do it.

There’s no way I can listen and not want to throw things and start a riot (figuratively AND literally). If you’re looking for a new song to get you to work, a song to stick it to society, or a song with actual instruments to quench your musical thirst, check this out.

Soundcloud: wearenepotism

Bandcamp: Nepotism

Twitter: ihatenepotism

Facebook: search We Are Nepotism

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