Who Dat Wednesday: Teiji Mack x [.art museum]


Y’all I am giddy as hell to write about today’s artist. I listened to his mixtape and beat tape for almost 2 days nonstop and I’m crazy about them. Teiji Mack is located right in my home city of Columbia, SC and has been working on music for 5 years. He started out as a rapper but slowly made his way into production and making beats.

There are a few reasons I’m totally stoked about Teiji:

1. He is from my hometown

2. He tweets about anime

3. He’s dope

Without further ado let me get into Teiji Mack’s [.art museum]

There are 5 different sections of this project and all of them give a special vibe. I’m going to go in on my favorite songs from each section.

Section I “Cheap Lighters II” (Prod. by GF Retro)

And you been out so long, yo hurt so strong ‘cause you work while you asleep

I’m almost at a loss for words trying to describe this track. The beat is southern ridin’ beat that seeps into your soul, as southern music tends to do. This is where I’m turned on the Teiji’s “rapper croon”. Rapper crooning is an interesting skill that my favorite rapper, Childish Gambino, does oh so well. Teiji gives me his own version of it in this song and it’s amazing. The sheer essence of Outkast on this song is enough for me (fun fact: Teiji is inspired by Andre 3000). Teiji’s flow is smooth yet edgy on this track. He makes numerous references to animes I am familiar with. Double points. 

Section II “EX Cancel To Shoryuken” ft. Retro Senpai (Prod. by GF Retro)

Said you fighting for my heart like you Yami Yugi

Section II turns up and brings out the super geek in me. This track samples different video game sound effects and bits and I gathered every ounce of geek in me I could find. The bass hits in the background while Teiji and his feature mesh with the sounds of Sonic charging up. This song is hard to imitate. You won’t find another song like this anywhere. There’s a little more “rapper’s croon” and video game lyrics.

Section III “Eclipse” (Prod. by Foxxes)

Tell me what you do when yo sun don’t shine

Teiji slows it down in this section and brings out his soul. This song highlights more of his singing side, a little more than “rapper’s croon”. I’m a sucker for a deep ass love song. 

Section IV “Crab Legs and Steak” ft. Sherpearse  (Prod. by SweatHerGawd)

We can have a kickback crab legs on the roof if you’re loving the crew, on a weekendddd

The synths come alive in this section. I’ve never had crab legs and steak together but I definitely wanna try it now. The female vocalist is a GREAT pick for this track. Perfect wind down summer cuddle track. Find your bae and snuggle up with this in the background.

Section V “Pink Lip Gloss (yang)” (Prod. by GF Retro)

The end of this 16 track expedition encompasses all aspects of the whole mixtape. Hearing all the different sections mesh into one song is like a breath of fresh air. 

I believe I’ve gushed enough but I loved listening to Teiji’s mixtape. Give it a chance and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

*Found on SoundCloud on his own page and in my playlist.

**Artists check out his beat tapes as well.

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