Who Dat Wednesday: RAHBI x Hello World


I pledge allegiance to only love. All in favor say AYE. I pledge allegiance that we are one. All in favor say AYE.




BINACT had the pleasure of meeting RAHBI at ONE Music Fest. BINACT’s festival PR rep, Jessica Saxon, passed him a business card and a sticker. I was smitten by his aura and extra cool outfit (which included a chic sailor hat). I regret not taking a picture with him but I was a little buzzed. 

Earlier this week I posted a throwback video of him that I urge you all to check out. Today I’m digging into Hello World from Goldenchild: Trimester 3 (Hello World), the final project in his trilogy of work. 

Hello World is a production from start to finish. It starts off with a simple but dramatic stringed instrument sound. The drums enter and the two sounds mesh to create the essence of the song. RAHBI’s lyrics instruct your ears and mind to surrender to each and every word. His voice and vocal strength are mesmerizing. The verses are sung a strong, breathy pitch. The choruses murmured in a hum. Hello World is a battle cry and shole takes me to church towards the end. Introduce yourself to RAHBI with Hello World and get familiar with him by way of Blush and Gonna Have A Voice. Pledge allegiance to his way of thinking. Open your mind and ears to his tunes.

Don’t sleep on this very talented artist. RAHBI has cosigns and nods from dope names from Afropunk to ATL magazines. Don’t get left behind in this visionary’s dust. Buy his EP from iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody. I’m sending my coins right after posting.

**Background vocalists Y’ALL DID THAT.

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