Who Dat Wednesday: Mike McFly - P4M W.I.H.I.T.D. [Review]


I wish I could remember the exact moment I was introduced to Mike McFly's potent flows but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in 2016. I saw him perform at one of my hometown's local Hip-Hop shows and the rest was history. Even though I can't find the memory in my mind I know I've been hanging on each of Mike's words ever since. He's no stranger to the game. Since PBS Mind in an MTV World and King Midas, he's made a space of his own by consistently using his pen to wow his audience. But don't get it twisted. He's much more than well written bars and that's evident in today's Who Dat Wednesday mixtape, P4M W.I.H.I.T.D.

The project intro features a skit from what I can assume is a popular movie. I'm sorry I don't know the reference but you don't come here for movies. The skit features a disgruntled character fed up with those who are in the game to make "bangers." He ends his short monologue with an essential statement, "There's a lot of guys doing doing it but only one guy can be the best." Normally I wouldn't expect banger to be synonymous with Mike McFly but this is where that changes. As I mentioned in the single write up, the release came to inform listeners of Mike's talent and versatility. P4M is here to let you know that his presence is undeniable.

Dope Boi Proposal blew my mind immediately. The production is an out of the ordinary choice for an intro track. It's gritty and the perfect length to prepare the listener for the rest of the album. This intro signals a new era in Mike McFly's artistry. Hero/Zero and 600 both featuring TWN are classic tracks for the seasoned Hip-Hop fan. The writing is phenomenal, the song content is enticing, and the production is clean. Jett Jackson is the track that shakes things and sets the album on fire.

I won’t waste my time with it anyway. Rap game playing Whose Line Is It Anyway?
— Mike McFly, Jett Jackson

Plenty More follows suit as the first banger of the tape. Yikes yikes. It's laced with knockout punchlines and pristine flows. I'm a huge fan of banger making Mike. Think About It ft. Niecy Blues slightly slows the momentum of P4M but that doesn't take away from its contribution to the album. As Sto mentioned in his DEHH review, skipping this song would detract from the project's influence. Need Love is an easy favorite of mine. I'm embracing rappers incorporating topics like love and relationships in a positive light. We all know that dating can sometimes throw a wrench in creative process but the hopeful outlook is refreshing. And Forte? Whew. What a what to end this.

P4M is great. Mike McFly continuously keeps me connected to his music and Hip-Hop as a whole. I'm awaiting the debut with baited breath. Don't keep me waiting 2 more years, Mike. PLEASE.

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