Who Dat Wednesday: everyfuckingday x Lolawolf


Who the fuck parties in the middle of the day? 

I know since Dope everyone is obsessing over Zoe Kravitz even more. Did you know about her band, Lolawolf? If you did, go you!! If not and you want to know a little more, keep reading.



Linked are two articles for some Lolawolf’s background knowledge for you. I have to give credit to my good friend, Kaila, (the designer of my logo and business cards/one of the loves of my life) for putting me on Lolawolf and my sister for life, Tierra, for the strong co-sign. The band consists of Zoe Kravitz, Jimmy Giannopoulos, and James Levy. Lolawolf creates party music for 2020 and beyond. I love it.

everyfuckingday was released about a month ago and I definitely had to get used to the sound. I was honestly expecting Lenny Kravitz which is totally my bad. I had this rock group sound completely made up in my mind. I played “Every Fucking Day” for the the first time and my head exploded. The piano tune and the drop go AWF. I really don’t want to take this track by track because you need to listen. I refuse to try and explain Lolawolf. (Calm Down, their first LP can be found on SoundCloud and Spotify. Check it out too.)

I want y’all to get hip to Lolawolf as a band but I also ask that you read Zoe’s Nylon article about her upbringing and how that influences her musical style. It’s amazing and eye opening. I can relate to her experience so well. As I mentioned in “Topic Tuesday” my deep affection for music and other forms of art started to surface and spill out of me when I started college. I’d written some poetry and started plays and short stories in high school here and there but nothing serious. I still felt kind of sheltered and oblivious to all the wonderful art that surrounded me, particularly music. I tell all my friends I grew up on radio, television, and a few classic records when it came to tunes. Everything else I found on my own and I’m certainly glad I did.

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