Who Dat Wednesday: ELHAE - Aura

Yes I know I’m late. My apologies. I took a half day from work today because I was feeling terrible so that’s how this week was.

The singing & rapping Atlanta artist Elhae found his way to my heart about a month ago. A friend of mine put me on him after I yearned for some new R&B that didn’t involve explicit sex and misogyny. Don’t get me wrong I love sex as much as the next person but millennial R&B is a little graphic. Even though I was too young to fully understand and interpret 90s R&B I miss the sound and how it was supposed to make me feel then, and how it makes me feel listening to it now. Elhae, an acronym for Every Life Has An End, is so honest on Aura. Listening to this EP I could relate to multiple experiences mentioned in his songs. This EP gave Ayo The Producer a chance to shine and showcase his talent. You can tell he put a lot of work into Elhae’s songs. His drops and beat switch ups are my favorite.

On to the content. The intro to Aura is exactly what an intro should be: captivating and different. I expected him to give me a Drake vibe but what I got was an combination of different realms of art. There is a melodic guitar playing in the background of the intro and it brings an electric punch to it. Next is one of my two favorite songs, “Drive Me Crazy”. Sampling Immature’s “I Don’t Mind” this song is everything I want out of R&B and so much more. Attraction, love, sex, vocals….it has is all. I try not to give too much away in these reviews so I can encourage you to go listen! But I have to spoil Aura just a little bit. There is an interlude that makes me entire soul cry. THANK ME LATER, no Drake.

This is another EP that I beg you to go check out. Again, it’s easy. Click the link. Check the SoundCloud. Do it all.

**Thanks for all the love on the KYLE post!! I’m glad you enjoyed King Wavy as much as I did!

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