Who Dat Wednesday: Sit Down Session - $pidey

Good afternoon everyone! Yes I said afternoon. Normally I have my interviews ready for posting a few days in advance but this one's a little different. I've been holding on to this for over a month but today is the perfect day to release this.

Shot by: @marcopatron26

Shot by: @marcopatron26

Sit Down Sessions are a new sub-section of Who Dat Wednesday. I prefer to write about artists that have full projects in motion because it's easier to flesh out an in-depth interview. Sometimes I catch artists in limbo, whether that be in between ideas in their creative process or right before the album release. I caught up with $pidey on January 23rd right before Law of the Land, the first show he's curated on his own.


To make sure I don't duplicate responses, check out this interview by Kicknosis Productions to catch yourself up on $pidey's humble beginnings in Irmo, SC.

The remainder of the interview covered the importance of putting together his own show, managing his hometown fan base, and what the future holds for his artistry.

BINACT: What made you want do to something like Law of the Land? How does it differ from the regular Voydd shows?

$pidey: Because I rarely see people in the scene that go above and beyond in regards to shows. South Carolina's music scene is growing but we're at a point where we don't like to step outside of our comfort zones. Another big reason I took this on is to learn and grow. Seeing the behind the scenes work of putting together a show was eye opening. It taught me that making music is hard work but so it booking venues, following up with artists, and having a successful show.

B: That's a perfect transition into my next question. Lots of times we hear a lot of negative things about our music scene coming from consumers and artists alike. How do you deal with dissenting opinions?

$pidey: I make sure to take a step back and evaluate myself. If my home team doesn't rally behind me, there's something I'm doing wrong and I need fix it. Everyone won't always have my back but I keep myself right for those that do. 

When it comes to naysayers, I try to do a small amount of damage control but only if I feel comfortable. I'll reach out to you on a personal level and talk things out to see if we can come to a middle ground. That doesn't always happen but I do try and make an effort. If the negativity continues I focus on myself and my music because I'm not here to perpetuate it.

B: What can we expect from $pidey in 2018?

$pidey: My biggest goal is to buy myself a few big purchases with money made from my music. I want to move the Columbia music scene forward by organically growing as an artist and taking risks. Ben G made a huge impact on my life and I want to use his blueprint to create something unique for myself. The more doors I can open for myself, the more I can do for everyone at home.

In light of Pisces season and both of our birthdays, I'm dropping this interview today and $pidey is dropping a new project, $pidey 3:15 some time very soon. Get excited and tell your favorite Pisces you love them.

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