Buy, Stream, or Steal?

I’m excited about this post. There’s no musical artist for me to review in this one. I’m about to share some of my opinions and see how you respond. *gasp* Shocking, I know. But I’m really looking for some input from everyone reading so please humor me.

Today’s topic: how do you obtain your music?

Before I get into the meat of my post, let me give you a little background on me. I’m a 22 year old female born and raised in Columbia, SC. I’ve been listening to music all my life, similar to the majority of people my age. However, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed and loved music until college. I’d like to think that I’ve always had a wide range of musical tastes; spanning from Al Jarreau to Amerie and Disney pop stars to Plies. By no means have I heard it all but I’ve listened to a little bit of everything. Because of that I can appreciate music for exactly what it is: an artistic expression. The most enjoyable part of music is hearing different artists from any and everywhere share pieces of their stories with an audience.

Which brings me to my question: how do you obtain your music?

How do you listen to your favorite song or album? Radio, television, Internet, record store? Where do you get it from?

Music is essential to our everyday life. Since its commercialization waaaaay back when (this is not a history lesson), music has become a part of daily routines. How you obtain and listen to music is strictly up to you. So I’m not going to judge how you go about hearing your favorite Bey song. I will say that since music is a form of someone’s artistic expression, time, effort, AND money, I choose to purchase my music in some form. Either via iTunes, Spotify subscription, or physical CDs.

Let me use an example. Meek Mill just released his second studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. I can’t say I’ve listened to him since his early beginnings but I do remember “House Party” because that was a house party JAM. I remember hearing that song everywhere and, as an avid iPod user, I had to have it to listen on the go. I admit I think I downloaded this song initially. It wasn’t until about a year or two I ago that I started buying my favorite songs for my iPod. “House Party” sticks out to me because it is one of the first singles I purchased for $.99 (or $1.29 who can keep up with iTunes). I remembering hearing Meek’s “Dreams and Nightmares” and thinking, “Damn he needs my money ‘cause this is hot.”

This post is getting lengthy so I promise I’m going to wrap it up. As a new blogger I LOVE knowing someone reads my blog or supports something that I support. All artists want the same thing: to express themselves. The love and support of the self-expression is a blessing. Monetary love and support is an even bigger one. If you love something, support it. Buy it, talk about it, tweet it, LOVE it. There are tons of artists out there making music just waiting to be heard. After hours of writing, editing, studio time, and production the very least you could do is buy a $1.29 song or $13 compilation of hard work. the end

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