Who Dat Wednesday x The Ugly Chords


A month ago I went to Drip, my favorite coffee shop, for a writing session. It was an ordinary day for me. Clocked out at 5pm sharp, made a mad dash to my car, and cranked my car’s engine to combat traffic for a few minutes. I snag a good parking spot with a meter as I pray that is isn’t one of those days the parking attendant pulls a Judy Hops and writes me a ticket. I grab my clunky laptop and waddle my way to a table with an outlet. I’m greeted by my new favorite barista, Andrew. Andrew replaced Mike who I’m still grieving over. Mike decided that moving to Virginia with his girlfriend was more important than making me caramel mochas. Before he moved, Mike advised me to check out Andrew’s band. Drip’s bulletin board had a flyer for an upcoming show on October 26th and I made plans to be there.

I arrived at Tapp’s Arts Center promptly at 8:00pm. I’ve been to this venue once before for a non-profit soiree but this was my first time experiencing a music show here. It was fun to see the bands set up and prepare. They unloaded guitars, drums, amps, and stands to accompany all of the equipment. Band members and helpers pieced together the stage and prepped for their time to go on. The lights went down and The Ugly Chords took the stage. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure what genre they fell under and I didn’t listen to anything beforehand. I went in with no knowledge and no preconceived notions. My belly full of moscato anticipated whatever was about to go down.

Once The Ugly Chords started playing I could feel the collective energy in the room flowed through each and every audience member. Their songs are fun with a hint of wicked flair. I grooved to the singer, drummer, and guitarists. After a song or two, each of them would rotate and try their hand and a different instrument. The band’s cohesion amazed me. It was refreshing to see the skill in each individual.

After the show I went to Bandcamp to find the project with my favorite songs from the show. I ended up at Harbinger which was released last March. I’m glad I went to the show that night. Check out this Columbia band. Try something new. Step outside your comfort zone. #SupportSC

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