My Bae Monday: SZA - Ctrl

As we all know SZA blessed us with Ctrl last Friday. Hardcore SZA fans have anticipated this day for three years. Three long years. Now that it’s been on repeat in our minds, hearts, and ears let’s take a second to digest the album in all of its glory.

Personally, this is my first time listening to a full SZA project. I’m not one of those people who claim to have rode the wave of an artist for years when I just grabbed my boogie board not too long ago. I’m not ashamed; I’m actually quite pleased that this was my introduction to her because this project is one hell of a handshake.

To kick off the album SZA introduces her mom in a skit discussing the importance of control and the aftermath of losing it. Supermodel is the embodiment of woman at the height of losing all control. Insecurities, thoughts, and feelings run rampant as she tries to pick up the pieces after a rough break up.

Doves In The Wind harnesses unapologetic freedom in womanhood so poetically. SZA’s not afraid to push boundaries and express her sexuality outside of societal norms. Kendrick’s verse about men’s relationship to women’s sexual exploration is a perfect addition to the song’s theme.

I grappled with choosing the last song I wanted to highlight. 20 Something closes the album on a raw, personal note. It’s a song that almost all readers will feel in their soul. An ode to the awkward phase in life where you feel like an adult and a child simultaneously. That part of life when concerns about why your life plan isn’t panning out is a daily struggle.

I truly enjoyed playing this album on repeat for the past few days. It’s proof that sometimes edgy can come in a vulnerable and soft package. Ctrl addresses themes that relate to the carefree soul that might be going through a few things. Hit me up in the comments and tell me your favorite song. Did the album stir something up in you? Let me know!


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