My Bae Monday: Brief BBTM feels

Shoutout to @deadendhiphop for the review. I’ve heard mixed reviews from fans, anti-fans, and stans of my love, The Weeknd aka Baebel Tesfaye. 

I want to start off by saying I love The Weeknd and this album. I plan to review Trilogy, Kissland, and Beauty Behind The Madness in the future but wait on that. For now I want to gush about how glad I am someone appreciates this album like I do.

I’ve been listening to The Weeknd since House of Balloons dropped in 2011. I really got into him that fall when I started leaving my dorm and the library sophomore year. The Weeknd is one of the artists responsible for getting me back into music, no lie. When I first heard that mixtape I was sucked into a world of drugs and sex that I knew nothing about. Regardless, it was in my ears on repeat for months. House of Balloons hit me so hard I immediately became a dedicated fan. I hoped and prayed he could have his place in music. 2 more mixtapes later and I’m a stan. Thursday and Echoes of Silence were accepted with differing opinions from the masses but I evolved into full blown fangirl.

Kissland had to grow on me a bit. After streaming it, buying it, putting it down, and re-listening to it, it grew on me. I liked it and appreciated it as The Weeknd’s 1st actual album.

Here we are at BBTM and I bought it first day. I streamed it on Spotify at work and rushed to my favorite music place to get it. The growth on this album is awe-inspiring. The Weeknd isn’t the same artist from 2011. Some things have changed. Success has settled in. He’s still doing drugs doe. The only bad thing I have to say about this album is that Often and The Hills seem a little out of place to me, sound wise. Everything else is perfect. His lovely falsetto and his choice of collabs on features and production really made the impact on me.

Myke and Feefo love Abel, I love Abel, and you should too. 

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