My Bae Monday: Rihanna - ANTI


No catchy alliterative title. Today I’m getting straight to the point. I’ve been mulling on this since the album dropped. I wanted to make sure I gave it time to gain traction and let it cook.

This is the first Rihanna album I’ve ever purchased.

Had to start with that. I’ve listened and danced to Rih’s singles since Pon de Replay. I don’t remember much of her first two albums but like everyone else I tuned in for the Rihanna reign at Good Girl Gone Bad. I really enjoyed Loud and Unapologetic and considered purchasing them both but never got around to it. After anticipation and waiting anxiously with Kaila, we were blessed with the free Tidal download link. I downloaded the album on my phone and if you know me you know I don’t like to keep much music there; I prefer it on my iPod. That Thursday I listened to it all day at work on repeat for 9 hours. The group chat was poppin’ with reaction updates from Kaila and I. We were obsessed and couldn’t contain ourselves. We ran the album out for a week straight. The thing that excited me about this album is the same thing that excites me about music: my feels hit me like a ton of bricks. ANTI made me feel everything: happy, sad, beautiful, empowered.

I’m going to take this one favorite track by track even though I want to do them all.

Consideration (ft. SZA)-The thesis for the album. The framework. The layout. At first listen I kinda brushed it off. After hearing it over and over the message of the song slapped me in the face. We all know Rih for being bold and brash in every sense of her being. Consideration is the beginning to the journey that is Anti. It took me a few listens but I got the message, girl.

Kiss It Better-Of course I wanted this to be a sex song. This is another song I that went over my head at first probably because my mind was in the wrong place. The melody of the guitar told me all I needed to know about the song makeup. I was sucked in immediately. We all know the relationship struggle too well (especially those of us who like to stick them out and make them work). This song brings back memories of old flames and loving too hard. But is it a song if it doesn’t get you in your feelings?!

Desperado- Initially this was my favorite. The song’s grit is tangible. I was surprised to hear something with so much power from Rih. I’m used to her tapping my pop feelings but Desperado is the beginning of ANTI’s climax. 

Love on the Brain-

I’m fist fighting with fire just to get close to you. Can we burn something babe?

LORD KNOWS I’m a sucker for a good love song. I have never heard Rih sing with so much soul and passion. I don’t look to her for vocals but I enjoyed everything about this track: vibe, lyrics, all of it. This is really one of the songs that solidified my love for this album.

All the places left untouched by Rihanna’s previous albums were vice gripped by ANTI. I allowed time to pass to let the hype die down and I still feel the same way a month and a half later. ANTI brings out the fiend in me. Once I start listening I can’t and won’t stop. I’m able to listen to this album multiple times a day comfortably. It’s easy to fall into it’s intoxicating melodies and lyrics. Don’t let me leave out ANTI’s cohesion. Rih was so intentional in creating and crafting the album’s structure. I wish I knew I was going to love this album because I would’ve been on tickets like white on rice. If you haven’t already given Ms. Fenty’s ANTI a chance, I urge you to do so.

*Shoutout to For The Scribes and Myles for giving me inspiration to post this!*

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