If I hear another 90's sample or remixed Aaliyah song I might lose it. If I hear another "the next *insert legend here*" comparison I'm going to snap

I try to steer clear of being critical or ranting like a lunatic but I have to get this off my chest.

At some point we have to leave our love for nostalgic music in our mental attics, lockers, and storage bins.

By no means am I dismissing music of the past. In fact I am appreciative of the sounds that crafted today's tunes. I would like creators to find a way to appreciate it while staying true to their current styles. We don't need another Whitney Houston, Prince, or Michael Jackson...because we already have one. The music doesn't die because they did. The music doesn't die because the album isn't number 1 on the charts or on the radio. Discographies and catalogs are easier to find now than ever. The music is still here, alive and well. 

As a music consumer I yearn for music creators to be true to their own artistry. Picking apart an old song for a lazy sample is played out. Borrowing from a time period in an effort to reach a particular group of people is tired. I want my music to feel like blues, soul, and R&B of the past without being a replica. Am I asking for too much?

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