My Bae Monday: Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love

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I don't know how much more music I can take this year. If another one of my faves drops before 2017 I may spontaneously combust. The Childish Gambino project I've waited three long years for is finally here. Last year I gave my bae a birthday shoutout with the help of my friend, Keagan. I missed CG since he scrubbed his Twitter and Instagram clean. All he left me with were snippets of festival footage I couldn't attend. I'm beaming with excitement to talk about the album I've anticipated for so long.

Don't expect me to share an uneasy dispostion due to CG's new sound. Don't expect me to give you a lesson in funk. You know why I'm here. To tell you about why I adore Childish Gambino and Awaken, My Love. Once again CG showcases his unrivaled talent and signature flair. When I listened to the project for the first time I let the waves of its sonic ocean take me underwater. I knew Gambino would pull out all the vocal stops but nothing could prepare me for the way he used his voice on this project.

Me and Your Mama initially left me blissfully confused. After a few listens, I allowed myself to adjust to the unique sound and stylistic choices. It opened the album in a huge way. 

Have Some Love undoubtedly made it to my "Positive Patty" playlist. The message is simple and the vibes are groovy. It's the perfect song to get you started on a Monday when you didn't get enough sleep and wake up too late for coffee.

Boogieman demands authority. Off rip he sets up the metaphor for current race relations in America. For those who questioned CG's blackness in the past (I'm one of them), he's here to assure you that he is unapologetically down for the cause.

 Zombies further proves CG's ability to use his lyrics to convey poignant themes in throughout this album. This is one of my personal favorites because of his vocal strength. It sounds so authentic and gives me the same feeling that his Tamia cover did. 

Riot is another fun song. I think this will be the song that gets my dad to buy us tickets when CG comes close to us. 

Redbone was written for me. If you know me, you know that I vehemently deny my "alleged" skin tone. However, I'll embrace the accusation wholeheartedly if that means this song was written about me or someone of my likeness. The overt seductive nature of this song is breathtaking. 

California has musichead Internet in a tizzy. I jig to it.  

Terrified is exactly what it's name entails: hauntingly delicious. It sounds like hot cocoa on a 30 below evening under a full moon while the creatures of the night rustle in the bushes waiting for their time to strike. AND LET'S NOT FORGET 9 YEAR OLD JD MCCRARY WITH THE SOUL (Thanks Kaila).

Baby Boy really hit me in the feels. As a young woman I interpreted this song in many different ways. Parts of it project the obvious parental love and joy, especially since CG is a new father. After two months I've finally come to terms with this *wipes tears*. The chorus gave me romantic yearning as well.

The Night Me and Your Mama Met is a perfect interlude. Absolutely perfect.

Stand Tall closes the album on an inspirational high. It's reminiscent of Kauai vibes with additional snazzy pieces.

For those who love this album I'm just reiterating things you already noticed and enjoy. This post is for those who shied away after one listen. This is for those who gave up on Childish Gambino at Camp. This is for the fans who wanted more rapping. Give it another shot.



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