My Bae Monday: Better x Banks

Last year I was caught up in the rapture that is Banks. Goddess made me reevaluate my whole entire life. Relationships, confidence, self esteem, alladat. Banks has been touring with one of my Baes Supreme, The Weeknd, since the beginning of the month. Of course that means she drops a new single for her to promote and perform while on tour.

Banks is known for telling it exactly like it is. 

I can love you better than she can.

She reiterates this sentiment over and over again throughout the whole song. Better is so simple and gritty. Her message is raw and clear. The heavy synth accompanied by her rhythmic chanting create the beat of the song. Her vocal choices make the song a gem. The guttural chant resonated into your ears and throughout your body. Anguish intertwined in the words of the chorus are immediately felt. The use of repeated words in the verses are symbolic. 

I had to do a little write up about Banks’ new single. Her first project is so important to me and I anticipate what she has in store for us. I’m so disappointed I couldn’t make the Beauty Behind The Madness Tour to see either of my baes. It’s looking like they are both going to be sticking around so I will have more opportunities, thank goodness. Check out Better on Spotify!

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