My Bae Monday: FKA Twigs x M3LL155X


Y’all had to know this was coming. My good friend Spotify put me on to Mama Twigs when I was perusing the depths of the alternative music catalogs. I almost opted out of writing something today but the spirit of Twigs moved me. 

Here’s FKA Twigs’ 2015 Complex article which will give you more than enough bio on her.

WARNING: If you aren’t into alternative music, this artist isn’t for you.

FKA Twigs gives me dark, smexy feels. If you go back and listen to her 2 EPs and album you’ll definitely go through a multitude of emotions. Instead of attempting to explain her musical stylings I’m going to try and articulate how each song from M3LL155X makes me feel.

figure 8

I genuinely feel like I’m in a perpetual figure 8. Infinite loops in and out of consciousness. Begging to allow my true self to flourish with each chant of, “let me live”. As the strange voice overpowers the beat I struggle to understand its words until the exhaled breath brings me peace and closure.

i’m your doll

Oddly enough this song makes me feel beautiful. I think of different visuals while I throw myself into the thought of being a doll. This song has the perfect chorus.

in time

Fighting to be with the one you love. Loving so hard it breaks you internally and externally, emotionally and physically. “you be testing my sane” When he/she isn’t acting right and you can’t walk away. 

glass and patron

Uniqueness. Passion. Fire. Poison. Pain. glass and patron sounds terribly uncomfortable as I imagine swallowing but somewhat pleasing and worthwhile after the initial pain. Shattering the glass of normalcy. Bursting through preconceived notions.


As stated in the title, a layer of shadows and chills surround her voice and the different levels of the beats. “I’ll be there soon” chasing after growth and knowing that it is just within my reach. The songs ends abruptly and leaves me breathless after fumbling my way through enjoying the project and battling myself.

This sounds choppy because I wrote this as I listened to the EP for the 4th time. I wanted to write while my emotions absorbed the lyrics. This could be fairly strange for some but this is how I listen to all of my music. FKA Twigs brings out the harshest and most ambiguous sides of me and that’s why I love her and continue to listen. If you are up for new music, a different feel, and a challenge, check out M3LL155X. If you can take it a step further, watch its visual.

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