Who Dat Wednesday: Garrott Odom + Contour - Interim Report [Review]

I’m not sure what I expected from a Garrott Odom X Contour collaboration, but with the drop of Interim Report I think we got more than we deserved. This album, written by Odom and produced by Contour, perfectly marries the latter’s genreless defining beats with Odom’s heavily southern, underground flow. Fellow BANY (Born Again New York) Records member Cameron Butler lends his ear to mixing and mastering this project, making this venture a family affair.

While it’s darker than Odom’s previous work (The Power of 3), it brings about a feeling of maturity and growth in not only his lyrical content but in his beat selection. I’m used to the slick, bass heavy 808’s that usually accompany Odom’s style, but with Contour on the boards the flow of the project felt experimental and horn heavy. Luckily, it paid off. With 11 tracks coming in just under 25 minutes, Interim Report feels like a car ride on late summer evening. Loop this a few times as you ride around and you might find yourself watching the sunset and contemplating life.


3 standouts:

“Yellow Lights” ft. Rizz Capolatti: I’ve never heard of Rizz, but this def makes me want to listen to more. He not only held his own as one of only two features, but flowed super smooth on this Jazz heavy beat (peep the horns! Contour did THAT!)

“Rejoice” ft. Nory: I mean, it has a Nory verse. Anytime we can hear the King of Mystery on a track, it’s a good track.

“When The Stars Align” : puts you in the mind frame of Outkast’s “Jazzy Belle” with a nasty juke joint groove. I feel like this was missing from the ATL soundtrack.

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