Who Dat Wednesday: Gallant - Ology

Photo:  LA Weekly  

Photo: LA Weekly 

Today's artist is signed to Mind of a Genius record label. You may not know of him yet. Click the link above for the background story.

If I had to choose a favorite genre of male R&B I'm choosing whatever encompasses The Weeknd, or Alternative R&B. With the rise of Bryson Tiller (who I briefly mentioned last summer) and Tory Lanes, this type of male artist is being thrust to the forefront. Chris Gallant bust in my house like a thief in the night and stole all the previous notions I had about present R&B singers. As an avid Spotify advocate and paid subscriber I have to give credit where credit is due for leading me to him. 

For the past month I've been running Gallant's debut album, Ology, into the ground. This album weaves in and out of 20 something desires and hustling artist woes. From top to bottom it's damn near flawless. It is an invitation to Gallant's lucid life dream. The album offers only one interlude break with Oh, Universe. The opening track, Talking to Myself, is a great start to the album. We all have those moments when we stay in our heads a little too much. Gallant showcases his beautiful falsetto and knack for composing and applying his vibrant vocabulary to the listener. Bone + Tissue is a true stand out track. This beat starts off a little empty leaving room for Gallant to fill the space with heavy metaphors and vocal talent. I listened to this song numerous times when the album dropped unexpectedly on a Wednesday morning (that almost caused me to fall out of my desk chair). The last track before the outro, Chaundra, is an anomaly. A blatant ode to a lover, this track has only one verse, one hook, and one chorus repeated twice. The simplicity of the track's structure is enough to hook the listener. Gallant shows his talent and depth throughout the whole album. I'm left with one thought each time the album ends: if Ology is a subject of study or a branch of knowledge, this album is a study of Gallant as the subject pursuing the mastery of knowing himself.

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