Friday Five: 5 Favorite Songs This Week

These are just five of the songs that have been on repeat in my headphones for the past couple weeks.

1. Rain Come Down x Vince Staples ft. Ty Dolla $ign- If you know me this should come as a shock. Well sort of. Lately hip-hop has bored me so I was surprised to take to the Vince Staples single so quickly. Of course Ty Dolla $ign's voice helped a ton but I actually enjoyed the entire song from the beat choice to Vince's verses. I'm pretty excited to hear his album now. I'm going to listen as soon as I get to work in 6 hours *groans*.

2. Lorde x Sober- Lorde's newest single is infectious. After listening to this jam no less than 30 times I've become accustomed to Lorde's new sound. Royals seemed to be on the radio for ten thousand years and I didn't rock with it as much as this single. I can't say I'm excited about this album but I'll probably give it a chance. BINACT tries anything at least once.

3. To The Max x DJ Khaled ft. Drake- Does this even need an explanation? Another successful summer Khaled/Drake team up. I truly don't care who the upbeat bounce sound is attributed to, I want to hear this everywhere I go all summer.

4. Glass Flows x Smino ft. Ravyn Lenae- Walking light on these glass flows. Shoutout to everyone who got to BBTB early and got to hear this whole album as I was getting everything situated. This is one of many favorite cuts from this album. I hope my nudge pushed you to listen *cough* Gerard.

5. Whippin' x Kiiara ft. Felix Snow- I got hip to Kiiara on NYE 2015 when her breakout single, Gold, popped up on a Spotify playlist. (Sidenote: Indie artists need to stop playing with Spotify. Sango said it best.) This fun bop is gets me to dancing and brings me so much joy especially during these gloomy days that have lasted for what seems like years.

I'm encouraging people to interact with me more so please don't be scared to check out the songs and let me know what you think! The comments below are open! My Twitter mentions are open! Facebook comments are open! Talk to me!

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