Friday Five: Best of 2017

Friday Five: Best of 2017

As you know I don't like doing lists. I don't like lists because lists come with a level of ranking and BINACT is anti-ranking. Equal opportunity love from me over here. Today you are getting a list but this is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. These are my five favorite projects of 2017 so far: 

At What Cost x Goldlink- Yes this is a fun album. Yes it has summer jam after summer jam. Yes Goldlink has an interesting flow. But what REALLY hit home for me was reading this interview and listening to the album again. Goldlink is a product of his hometown and it shows in his music. I aspire to be like Goldlink in almost every way. Listening to this album past the fun beats reveals a deep story about life in his hometown and growing through pain. I emphatically urge you to listen to At What Cost if you haven't already. If you have, play it once more (and inevitably leave it on loop because it's easy to do).

Mama x Phay- If you're sick of me pushing this project, you probably haven't listened to it yet. I found out about Atlanta's Phayweather back in February and wrote about it April. The project is still a part of my regular listening rotation. Mama is a heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of Phay's life. Throughout the album his mother's narration serves as a guiding tool for his decision making and maturation process. Next time you see me tweet about this, check it out.

De Mim, Pra Voce x Sango- From me to you is the title's translation. If you know me you know I've been rocking with Sango since my early Soundcloud days. His mixes have gotten me through many a dorm room twerk session. His influences range from Brazilian favela music to R&B bops. If you need something to listen to on a road trip or liven up a kickback, this is an easy go to.

Blkswn x Smino- The reason I haven't written a formal review on this project is because after a zillion listens I still can't articulate my thoughts properly. This small blurb with have to suffice. Smino's ariose wordplay is intoxicating. It easily calms my mood to a comfortably drunken state like an occasional warm shot of tequila (or your drink of choice) before bed. This is another one that I can leave on repeat all day. ALL DAMN DAY. I was ecstatic when I found out he's touring with SZA and the stop closest to me is in Charlotte. The show is right after NYCC but I still might try and swing myself up there. Help a sister out if you know someone with an extra ticket, haha.

Reflected x Axnt- This small EP from one of BBTB's headlining DJ's is one of my favorite independent projects so far. He has mastered the use of flipping a sound bite and transforming it into an entire song. I've been impressed with him since the first time I heard him spin in Charlotte for Kyle's King Wavy stop. His ear for production detail is impeccable. Try his latest release out and tell me what you think. 

**Honorable mentions

Big Fish Theory x Vince Staples- It just dropped so I haven't listened to it enough.

Carpoolparty x Hot Tapes- I JUST found out about them two weeks ago. I'm in love.

Phantom 2017 x Play Randy- Unfortunately this segment only has five spots. 803 the Clique made it hard to choose just one this year.

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