Friday Five: 5 Songs You Hate To Admit You Love

Shoutout to @thefridayfivemusic for these prompts! Here are my five songs!

1. Racks-YC I was an 18 year old club rat when this song came out. Yes I still like it.

2. 3 Times In A Row-TK N Cash This comes on the radio now. It’s a true radio song and I’m really ashamed about this one. It’s just so damn catchy.

3. Don’t Panic-French Montana I hate French Montana but I like this song.

4. 679-Fetty Wap ft. The Remy Boys Self explanatory. I also enjoyed Trap Queen a lot.

5. Most of Chris Brown’s X album but especially Body Shots

Use #BINACT and tag The Friday Five in your posts to tell us what songs you hate to admit you love! Happy Friday!!

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