Friday Five: 5 Songs That Make You Cry

HUGE shoutout to thefridayfivemusic for these lists. I said I was gonna catch up on them. Admittedly, I don’t see a lot of movies so I opted out of the movie one and I missed last week’s because of ONE so today I’m doing 5 Songs That Make You Cry.

We Belong Together x Mariah Carey

Turning Tables x Adele

Cause I Love You x Lenny Williams

1000 Years x Christina Perri

Say You Love Me x Jessie Ware

Now I don’t know if I’m a big softy but all the songs are about love. If some of these songs hit your soul, let me know!! Tweet me, write in the ask box, hit me up!

Favorite Friday: Donald Glover

BINACT x Runaway Jukebox