Who Dat Wednesday: Daily Affirmations Playlist

It all started with a tweet.


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me posting song lyrics in a thread last year under “Daily Affirmations In Song”. It started out as a way for me to remind myself that life was going to get better during a time when I was at my ultimate low. It was personal, something for me to get through, but other people were constantly hitting me up like “Can you keep this up? Can you make this a playlist?” At first I was hesitant to make it a “thing”, because things require me to be consistent and I’ll be the first to admit that that’s not my strong suit, but I realized this was bigger than me. This musical healing, more people than me need this. Even if it’s only one person. I say all that to say, this playlist is up on Apple Music and Spotify. I’ll update this regularly, but not on a schedule, whenever I feel a song speak to my heart. And hopefully it’ll help you too and remind you that the universe always wants you to win. You can also follow the thread on twitter, via @_asiahmae + daily affirmations in song.

*Editor’s Note: Apple Music still refuses to let us embed playlists easily so…button it is!

The Greatest Song Never Sang Vol. 1 - Dornik

My Bae Monday: Ariana Grande - Sweetener