Who Dat Wednesday - Daily Affirmations Playlist

It all started with a tweet.


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me posting song lyrics in a thread last year under โ€œDaily Affirmations In Songโ€. It started out as a way for me to remind myself that life was going to get better during a time when I was at my ultimate low. It was personal, something for me to get through, but other people were constantly hitting me up like โ€œCan you keep this up? Can you make this a playlist?โ€ At first I was hesitant to make it a โ€œthingโ€, because things require me to be consistent and Iโ€™ll be the first to admit that thatโ€™s not my strong suit, but I realized this was bigger than me. This musical healing, more people than me need this. Even if itโ€™s only one person. I say all that to say, this playlist is up on Apple Music and Spotify. Iโ€™ll update this regularly, but not on a schedule, whenever I feel a song speak to my heart. And hopefully itโ€™ll help you too and remind you that the universe always wants you to win. You can also follow the thread on twitter, via @_asiahmae + daily affirmations in song.

*Editorโ€™s Note: Apple Music still refuses to let us embed playlists easily soโ€ฆbutton it is!

The Greatest Song Never Sang Vol. 1 - Dornik

My Bae Monday: Ariana Grande - Sweetener