My Bae Monday: Corinne Bailey Rae - The Heart Speaks In Whispers

Last Tuesday I was blessed to see two of my favorite songstresses live and direct: Katera and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Facebook: KateraOnTheMic

Facebook: KateraOnTheMic

Katera has been running the Columbia music scene all year long. I was so excited to hear that she was opening up for Corinne! She pulled a couple of my favorite covers and original songs out of her arsenal. From Michael Jackson to Aaliyah, Katera had the crowd jamming to each and every note she strummed from her guitar.

I waited for the stagehands to rearrange the set for the main act when something hit me: before listening to her newest album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, about a month ago I hadn't listened to Corinne Bailey Rae in YEARS.  She's known for the singles "Put Your Records On" and "Like A Star" and those debuted TEN YEARS AGO. 

After feeling beside myself for a bit, Corinne graced the stage in an emerald green pantsuit to sing the house DOWN. She serenaded the crowd with her magical voice as she floated across the stage like the true faerie she is. She performed the oh so popular "Green Aphrodisiac" and I didn't know whether to clap or snap afterwards. Corinne brought out such a diverse crowd (my dad bought our tickets)! I was among aunties, grandpas, AND college kids. I was excited to hear "The Skies Will Break" but my new takeaways "Been To The Moon" and "Horse Print Dress" will have me jamming for weeks.

I made a bee line to the merch table to buy a copy of the CD for my car. The event staff got the crowd together to let us know that she would be signing CDs and my heart skipped a beat. Then this happened:

She signed my CD and told me her sister spelled her name the same way I do! The show was so much fun. It was intimate, personal, exciting, and awe-inspiring. Check out the Heart Speaks In Whispers and grab a handful of Corinne's faerie dust.

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