My Bae Monday: BJ the Chicago Kid - In My Mind

Photo: Google Images

Photo: Google Images

I hope everyone enjoyed BINACT's anniversary month! I want to catch up on all the albums I've been obsessing over this year. BJ The Chicago Kid's In My Mind is what brought me over to his team. I remember him appearing on Jill Scott's latest album and seeing his name featured on other projects but I didn't take the time to really dig into him. After hearing The Resume on trusty ole know the rest. 

This album is so personal. I'm attracted to music with passion and heart and BJ's album does not disappoint. The intro lists his fears, faith and everything in between. Every song has a soulfully majestic flare. When listening it almost feels like they are competing with each other, trying to one up and out do the next. I can put this on and listen all the way through while hitting a cute shimmy or a slow twerk (depending on if I'm my office or my bedroom). My very favorites are love ballads: Shine, Wait Til The Morning, and Falling On My Face.  Shine has made it to my wedding playlist. Wait Til The Morning is the most beautiful outpouring I've ever heard. Falling On My Face is the next to last song and it brings tears to my eyes.  The raw emotion in In My Mind blows me away. I've been mulling on this album for so long all I can do is tell you to listen. Give BJ a chance if you haven't already.

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