BINACT Anniversary Reflection

This time last year I was in my bed writing my first blog post for BINACT. I didn't know what to expect or how the blog would change. I just had an idea and a love for music. Twitter and Tumblr became my networks for keeping up with the latest music trends and cool people interested in what I have to say. 2 playlists, 100 posts, and 365 days later, my BINACT baby is thriving and getting better. 

As you can see BINACT has an updated look and feel. The look comes with revamped organization. BINACT's initial purpose was solely to keep my writing regular and get the ideas in my head outside of it. Today its goals are bigger than ever: spread the word about music, spark insightful conversations, become an indie music support network, get songs on the radio.

For those who have been watching BINACT grow since last year, thank you. For the newcomers, I'm glad to have you. For everyone, keep rocking with me.



Who Dat Wednesday: Gallant - Ology

My Bae Monday: Rihanna - ANTI