BINACT Anniversary Recap

A year of my shenanigans. A year of figuring stuff out. A year of loving music.  A year of my writing. I have nothing but love and admiration for everyone who participated in my anniversary month. 

May was a rejuvenating month for me. I quit my old job and got blessed with a new one. Thankfully that gave me time to regroup and put my all into the anniversary month for a few weeks. I am nothing short of beaming and proud of the response I got from those of you that support BINACT.

The contests got so much love. Much more than the other ones COMBINED. (Yes my friends keep winning. No you aren't submitting enough entries). My heart overflowed with joy for everyone who came to the anniversary shindig. Close friends, family, and artists came to support BINACT's first year. I had my favorite coffee shop rocking with tunes from Coloring Book, Lemonade, and requests from the guests. 

Keep checking in for updates! Here's to more BINACT!




My Bae Monday: BJ the Chicago Kid - In My Mind