BBTB: Anniversary Recap

**Editor's Note: Here at BINACT we rarely toot our own horn buuut...the anniversary show was something to see once again. 

Cue scene: Saturday, May 5th at Music Farm Columbia, Candice Johnson--Founder of music blog BINACT (But I’m Not A Critic Though)--hosted a stellar anniversary affair for the brand. I had the pleasure of attending this memorable event alongside special performances including Mark Carson, J Danzo of 803TheClique, The Band Nepotism and more, as well as tunes by Charleston’s greatest DJ Scrib and underground Columbia’s Platonic Bae.

Photo by JC Media Productionz

Photo by JC Media Productionz

The event began with a bit of mixing and mingling as guests trickled in one by one. For obvious reasons, a bar was available and accompanying vending tables stood near the back where performing artists had merchandise for purchase. The first great impression I captured was that of the venue itself. My first time inside Music Farm, I was excited to see how spacious and open the floor plan was--a great formula for acoustics, lighting, and the awesome time I was about to have.


Moving forward, the first performance by Anansi Rex & Robert the III of Moon Cricket managed to completely blow the roof off the building and set the tone for the night. With a voice as sultry as D’Angelo and unequivocal charm, it was entertaining to watch the duo chant and play “Vibrate Higher” and swoon to “Sara Bellum” while mesmerizing the women--even some men--in the audience.


Next, Nepotism gave us urban punk realness through the blessed spirit of vocalist Rob Kershaw and his band members Alex Skiro and Deshawn Younger. I can’t account for all the head nods caused by the guitar riffs from crowd favorites such as “Televisions” and “War Zone (Choppa)” from their 2016 debut album The Free Lunch Program. Nepotism’s messages of positivity and individualism resonate through their performances and it was apparent why their fan base loves them after witnessing another notable set.

A brief intermission and smooth spinning from Platonic Bae gave the audience and myself the chance to catch my breath from all the “fan-girling” being proudly exhibited. No surprise, of course, how does one NOT lose all cool in the midst of such rare talent?


Next up, Priest Clay set the tone for Mark Carson who gave spirited performances with tons of style. This was my first time hearing both artists live and I was impressed by their collective stage presence.

Photo by Tamyia Allen

Photo by Tamyia Allen

Following up, lyrical mastermind J Danzo set the stage ablaze during an incredible set that any hip-hop lover would be captivated by. Featuring songs from his album Young Basquiat--serviced on Soundcloud with over 26K song streams--personal favorites like “Drug Dilla” kept viewers rapping lyric by lyric as the Clique members Emperor Timeline, Goose Rage, and Brahdrick joined the stage with a vengeance.

Post performances, I was elated to twerk the night away to DJ Scrib’s set. You know a party isn’t a party unless Uncle Scrib is serving black cook-out vibes to the congregation. There is no joy like that of a communal “Knuck if You Buck” by Crime Mob or “Poppin’ Tags” by Future Hendrix bellowing through any space, and you can bet your paycheck that not one person in the building could stand still as he mixed classics and trap music galore.

I’m honored to have bore witness to one of the most sought-after independent artist nightlife events, BINACT Brings The Beats: Anniversary. With a vision and mission as strong as Candice Johnson’s, you’d be smart to become a supporter while her event tickets are still affordable. You heard it here first.

Ends Scene: fades to black.

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